Paintless Dent Repair Services - Cheshire Dent Removal
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Dent Removal and Repair Services

Our PDR Services in Macclesfield, Cheshire

Paintless Dent Removal (PDR)

PDR is a technique to remove dents from vehicle or motorcycle bodywork by carefully reforming the metal back to its original shape, without filling or painting.


This process therefore retains both your car panel/s and paintwork, in their original condition, which is better for you and your vehicle.


The most common practical use for PDR is the repair of hail damage, door dings, minor body creases, and minor bumper indentations.


The process of Paintless Dent Repair requires a skilled technician to specifically push exact locations of metal to a precise tolerance, which can only be witnessed with use of a PDR reading instrument, such as a Paintless Dent Repair reflector board or Paintless Dent Repair light.

Fully Mobile Service

Cheshire Dent Removal is a fully mobile service meaning that we can come to your home, your place of work or you can come to us by prior appointment.


Please give us a call to discuss your specific requirements and to get a quotation.

Contact Us to find out more…

By using our Enquiry Form on the contact page or the e-mail link at the bottom of the page, you can also send us a photograph image of the damage requiring repair. This will help us provide a more accurate quote and also enable us to advise you on the best course of action.


Here are some questions you might be asked to enable us to help you more quickly:

  • Is your paintwork damaged?
  • What caused the damage?
  • How large is the dent – length, width and depth?


Please Note : Not all dents can be repaired using this method, please see our Dent Gallery for examples of dents which can repair with PDR technology.


Please also note, we do not provide our services for commercial vehicles – vans, trucks, etc…



We will be happy to advise you on the best method for your repair.

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